It has begun – My Quest to Interior Design World

       For a long time I read other peoples blogs, newsletters, checked design firm websites trying to discover more and enjoy the thing that is my passion, my mind and eye quest -> interior design. I must admit that I found good blogs, good writers but never a truly collection as the one I propose. Made from a heart with the eye of a designer and sense of touch, space, light and color combinations I propose a blog with this main sections:

  • For even the ones that do not know how it developed or who and what created -> the persons that truly became icons in design  by creation, determination and groundbreaking work I will have a section of Iconic Design Figures/Items. This will not be Wikipedia but for sure you will learn and will know who created the most iconic design pieces and you will always remember them by name and work.
  • I will make also a Quick Idea section where you will see small tips (that are not super expensive) in which you can change the scenery just by a simple arrangement concept, painting, fabric. This will also be related to seasons and main holidays.
  • This blog will also have a section of Known Brands where you can see the news on this and masterpieces creates/recreated exposed … basically what is the trend and news in the known brand world.
  • Change the mood of the home will contain ideas and concepts that you can apply to refresh your home, to bring a new air to it: a breeze of summer, a fresh air of spring, or a colorful and abundant fall, a white and cozy winter …
  • Do it your self is the last section of the blog. As the name says it will contain quick tutorials about how to design object,  personalize and customize objects, sometimes design cool and unique items for your home.

That would be all for my first post. I hope you will enjoy the themes and sections I created. In the end I would like to welcome you to my IIDesignWorld.