Moss island

Change the mood – using Moss

The change of the mood in some interior design can be achieved even with low cost. Turning a interior space in to one with a outside look: fresh, green and with touch texture can be obtained using mosses. The best thing I like at designs using moss is the fact that you can obtain a uniform view with pattern that can be adapted and fitted to different shapes and surfaces. The result is something WOW ! to find in a interior space without having problems with humidity and temperature.
The base material
Moss are very primitive plants, and do not have a highly evolved superior vascular system. Energy production is determined by three factors: humidity, sunlight, and temperatures above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. If these three conditions are met, photosynthesis will produce the energy required for growth.

Muscles can be divided into two major types: Acrocarpous and Pleurocarpous. The first has an upward (vertical) growth direction, while Pleurocarpous has a crawling (horizontal) growth. This difference also determines the shape of the two types of muscles: Pleurocarpous spreads, forming a natural green carpet, and Acrocarpous takes a globular form.
Moss wall

Stabilized Moss
Mummified plants are natural plants, whose sap has simply been replaced by an ecological and biodegradable liquid.

The principle is simple – the plant absorbs water, which then evaporates to the upper level of the leaves. By replacing the water with an organic water and glycerin mixture, you get a plant that no longer requires light and water. Muscles retain their natural posture and flexibility as well as color. Arrangements with such plants require a very low level of maintenance, an occasional dust removal being sufficient to maintain its fresh and impeccable appearance, but also its vivid color for a long time. With these mummified plants, you can bring nature in the middle of your home or office without maintenance costs.
Moss speres