Design pieces

The four things … needed

What makes a design to be really good, desirable, groundbreaking or resist over the decades ? The answer to this question is complicated but we can find some important things to mention to obtain this.
In my opinion it is a combination of: sizes, shapes, colors and materials used.
The fusion between them is also important. A red line and a smooth blending are important between them to obtain a masterpiece.
1. By playing with sizes you can draw attention to an object make a central piece, you can make a room look bigger or a building look breathtaking.
Big bed size

2. Shapes used have a big influence in design because with the shape you can embed a symbol (ex: an egg, a swan, a spider, etc) you can give resistance and stability by design and obtain in the end an artwork.
Smooth wood shapes
Two view shapes

3. Colors are the easiest and one with most important impact on the human eye. With a right combination you can make a space more comfortable, bigger and more fresh. For example white it’s used for space or enhancing another color or something on it, yellow is the color with the most impact on the human eye and more distinctive, green is usually assigned with nature, blue with sky and sea, brown with wood. All of them have impact on the visual appearance and feel of the interior design
4. By the materials used you can offer the design: functionality, comfortability, texture and feel. Think of leather, cloth, iron, stainless steel, wood, marble, limestone. You can even feel temperature and even smell by the material warm/cold.
Design materials

One important thing for the success of the work is to insure also a fusion between all this.
The combination between the “things” has to be made taking in to consideration some major principles: functionality, look, blend, transition, light.
Chair object
They are countless examples … just look at them and think …

“Why do I like it ?”