Mirror on the wall

Mirror Reflection – Interesting Materials to use in interior design (I)

Once used only as a personal reflection (of the viewer) now they are world wide spread and used in homes for changing the mood, making the room look bigger, brighter or with more style and symmetry.
The first mirrors used by humans were most likely pools of dark, still water, or water collected in a primitive vessel of some sort.
Now actually in almost every home there is at least one mirror (usually in bathroom) for personal use. But people started to use them as a decoration in all kind of spaces and shapes: from living as masterpieces, over the fireplace or on a wall, from a mirror table in the middle of the room, to full-sized wall mirror in the bathroom or in the dressing room and even as a cover for the wardrobe cabinet in a small room.
Why is the mirror a good thing that helps the change of the mood ?
Because you can obtain the following by using mirrors:
– Reflection centerpieces for your walls (breath taking appearances). Check out how in the following image the mirrors are turned in to flowers with all sort of petals and a nice shiny inner circle with reflection of your home. It truly looks like windows in to other spaces and the fact that the inside is changeable depending on the view position … makes it even more great.
Flower mirrors on the wall
– Huge spaces sensations even if tight spaces. A tight room with mirrors on furniture or walls will always look bigger because of the reflection -> the impression will be as a interior space of double size then the one without. And this with minimum cost -> just a big mirror.
Mirror above the fireplace
– Interesting reflections of the architecture and interior design of the home. Shapes/concepts made from mirrors are used by designers all across world. Either that is a honeycomb or other geometrical shapes the result will be great.
Disk mirror set
– Fancy looking personal use objects integrated with stile in interior design. One color furniture looking old and not in the mood of the room. You now have the option to mirror the surfaces and change completely the look.
Cabinet mirror
Mirror History:
The method of making mirrors out of plate glass was invented by 13th-century Venetian glassmakers on the island of Murano, who covered the back of the glass with an amorphous coat of tin using a fire-gilding technique, obtaining near-perfect and undistorted reflection. For over one hundred years, Venetian mirrors installed in richly decorated frames served as luxury decorations for palaces throughout Europe, but the secret of the mercury process eventually arrived in London and Paris during the 17th century, due to industrial espionage. French workshops succeeded in large-scale industrialization of the process, eventually making mirrors affordable to the masses, although mercury’s toxicity (a primary ingredient in gilding, which was boiled away forming noxious vapors) remained a problem.
Same concept can be applied over objects making reflection and symmetry perfection all over the place.
Master the mirrors use and you are one step closer in mastering interior design. Find the mirror that reflect your client style and home use it in the decoration of the home.