Open flame fire interior design with – ETNU steam fireplace

Fire … survival tool for making spaces and nearby inhabitants warmer, weapon against animals and man from the dawn of ages, well known cooking method -> this element of nature was always fascinating by look and power. Even worshiped thousands of years ago it has his own special look with the shapes and colors created. But controlling it for home décor in open space has his issues: safety on gases from burning fuel, radiated temperature, burning risk, etc. Now there is a new way to control the fire and to display it in your home developed by ENTU fireplaces. Personally I like the 3D atomization steam electric fireplace from their portfolio that works on water.3D Atomization Steam

There are different lengths of the fireplace and you can embed in your design from 500-1800 mm and above.
Either that you mount a system like this in the furniture of your TV or that you mount it on your dinner table … the effect will be truly awesome … a real modern Prometheus that controls the fire of the Gods. You can even touch it without burning your hands.
Check out the videos.

There are a lot of fireplaces on this world but with this you can actually touch fire. You can be the next Fantastic Sue that masters the fire with his own hands or the next David Blaine.